In addition to our UK manufacturing operation, we have several long established and reputable overseas suppliers whose production lines deal solely with our needs, producing shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, schoolwear, sweaters, tee-shirts, jogging bottoms, boxer shorts, bathrobes and fur-lined jackets. These garments really are top quality imported merchandise which we are able to sell at most competitive prices.

We have dealt with these suppliers over a period of years and although we are often approached by other overseas suppliers, as a matter of corporate policy, we would never switch our allegiance in order to obtain cheaper priced but often inferior goods.


Customs and Excise permit our newly built warehouse extension to be utilised as a ‘Bonded’ facility which enables us to have our imported goods landed in the UK and remain in bond until our Customers require the garments. Although not directly a benefit to our Customers, in improving our cash flow position it enables us to hold substantially more goods in store thus we are more readily able to satisfy our Customers’ needs from stock.

We have substantial warehouse storage space which enables us to hold a large amount of imported stock, at any one time. Once again, orders from our existing stock can be delivered to your premises the following day.


We are able to embroider all of our own garments rather than sub contracting out which latter process would add to the cost of a garment and slow down the manufacturing process.

We have modern embroidery machines fully computerised, operated by experienced staff, giving our manufacturing process this added value.

With much of our manufacturing to specification relating to orders from Security Firms and Utilities, we are continuously embroidering various and intricate motifs in order to satisfy our Customers’ needs. After completion of orders, Customers motifs are taped and can be re-used without difficulty for any future similar orders.

Furthermore, our Customers can provide us with their logo designs on disc or tape which we can utilise on our embroidery machines.