The manufacture of corporate-wear to specification has, without doubt, been the backbone of our business and has helped us to achieve the broad customer base and reputation we have today. No Company can survive for fifty years unless we have the three essential elements of business right, specifically quality, pricing and delivery.

Any of our Customers can visit our factory at any time. The visitor would be immediately aware of the tight controls placed on every segment of our manufacturing process. Every individual garment is examined before it leaves the shop floor and no garment is released until our team of Examiners are completely satisfied.


SQP has an experienced Quality Control Manager supported by Supervisors who are familiar with every machine and every detail of the garmentís structure. These experienced staff ensure that the shirts and blouses we produce reach the high standard both our Customers and Directors demand.


Our examiners closely inspecting each finished garment to ensure that it has been produced to the standard required. In fact, at each stage of the manufacturing process, the machinistís completed work, is examined to ensure our high quality standards are maintained. From receipt and cutting of the fabric, the various production processes through to the completion of the finished garment we ensure that all the quality control procedures are not only in place but are effective.
Management constantly seek methods to further improve standards and we are proud of the quality procedures which have evolved over our fifty years of trading. Manufacturing garments to specification is an exacting business and if proper quality controls, were not in place we know that we would not enjoy the constant re-ordering from our existing Customer base.